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Non Surgical Abortion Up To 9 Weeks

Some women may prefer to use the abortion pill (RU-486 Mifeprex) as a method of terminating their pregnancy. This abortion method works only up to 63 days. This method has the advantages of being non-invasive and allowing the abortion to take place in the privacy of your own home. This method is not for everywoman. It involves at least 3 days during which cramping and bleeding may occur.

It is best not to eat or drink for 8 hrs before you come for your initial visit. In some cases, you may not be a candidate for the Pill, and you may want to switch to a surgical abortion. Things that would disqualify you include: anemia, fibroids, certain medical conditions, or medications that you might be taking.

1st Trimester

How to Date your Pregnancy. A pregnancy is dated from the first day of your last period. A pregnancy of up to 12 weeks is a first trimester pregnancy. Abortion at this stage is performed in our office only by board certified gynecologists with many years of expertise in abortion service. Our gynecologist uses the aspiration technique which gently remove the contents of your uterus under constant ultrasound visualization to ensure both the completion and the safety of the procedure.

The abortion procedure only takes about 7 to 10 minutes. It is usually performed under heavy sedation which eliminates your awareness and discomfort. The patient can also chose to have conscious sedation or local anesthesia.

You will spend 45 minutes after the procedure in the recovery room under the care of our registered nurse and her comforting staff. All our patients leave our office with antibiotics to help prevent infection and prescriptions for pain and bleeding that can be filled at the clinic or your pharmacy. You can return to work or school the following day. A follow up visit at week 3 is included.

2nd Trimester

Physicians throughout South Florida refer their patients to A Choice For Women with the utmost confidence. They know their patients will get supportive care in a nonjudgmental environment.

The 2nd trimester abortion is generally a two day procedure depending on the physician’s evaluation. On the first day, an osmotic cervical dilaltor will be inserted into your cervix to gently soften and dilate it overnight. On the next day, you will return to the clinic in the morning for the procedure. You will receive sedation before the procedure. You will wake up comfortable and experience the same excellent recovery room care as all patients, or you may choose to recover privately.

Fetal Abnormality

We respect your need for individualized attention.

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Our private patients

We have several Private Rooms which are scheduled in order of request. Many patients prefer the confidentiality and privacy afforded by being a private patient. The advantages of taking the private option are having the privacy of your own personal room; your appointment will be expedited reducing the time, and your family members can join you during the recovery period.

Concierge service

For those for whom greater confidentiality and privacy are required, or who feel they need to be seen at the clinic without others present, we strongly recommend booking a Concierge Appointment. The benefits of concierge service are that (1) the procedure can be done with total privacy as you will be the sole patient at the facility; (2) we can pick you up and drop you off at any location suitable to you; (3) the appointment can be scheduled at any time. We are confident our staff can meet your need for confidentiality. No information will be revealed to anyone, affording you the discretion, dignity and protection you want.