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What You Should Know if You Decide to be Our Patient

Call us to book an appointment. You must stop eating or drinking 8 hours before your appointment (this is essential for a safe anesthesia). You need to have someone to drive you home, unless you decide on local anesthesia only. You need to bring a picture ID. If you take prescription medication or have any medical conditions please call us, let us know when you book your appointment so we can advise you medically.

If you are a minor considering an abortion, you must bring a parent or a judicial bypass letter from the courts. If you come with a parent you MUST bring a copy of your birth certificate and picture ID's for both you and your parent. A judicial bypass can be obtained at the court house in a couple of hours. We will connect you to a lawyer that will assist you in this process. Call us for more information.

Please make arrangements for the care of small children as their presence during procedure times is inappropriate.

Private and concierge services are available.


Please call us for more information.